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About Us:

Isochron Media was founded by long-time industry member Gary George Girdvainis as a vehicle to embrace, enhance, promote and develop watch culture in North America - and around the world.

With roots in the industry as far back as 1990, Mr. Girdvainis developed and enacted the business model to launch the first consumer-oriented publication on wristwatches in the USA. International Wristwatch was a spin-off of the industry leader - Orologi da Polso, published in Italy and later in English (as International Wristwatch UK) for the British market.

After more than two decades as the Editor-in-Chief of iW, and Group Publisher of Fine Life Media, he formed Isochron Media Llc as the parent company for two new watch-centric publications: “WristWatch” and “AboutTime” magazines.

Where WristWatch Magazine focuses on luxury watches and “fine” timepieces, AboutTime delves into the world of function and fashion watches within a more affordable price spectrum. Both are available on the newsstand and via subscription.

Isochron Media Llc. has also been retained as an editorial consultant and advertising placement service provider within the annual buyer’s guide published by Abbeville Press known as the “Wristwatch Annual”.

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