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“WristWatch Magazine” editorial mission:

Editor-in-Chief: Gary George Girdvainis

For twenty-two years, starting long before it was the popular thing to do; I have covered and reported on the evolution of the wristwatch industry. As the founder of International Watch (iW) magazine, previously known as International Wristwatch, I discovered both watches and publishing as I bore witness to the revival of the spring-driven mechanical timepiece. Moving forward with the knowledge, experience, and relationships nurtured over the last two decades, I am ready to once-again bring expert opinions together to form a new multi-platform publishing venture that will cater to the experienced watch enthusiast and welcome the newcomer as well.

WristWatch Magazine’s editorial profile will be a proprietary blend of traditional and non-traditional brand profiles, product reviews, guides, industry news and events as well as interviews with key industry leaders. Look for WristWatch Magazine to cover the usual suspects as well as the brands you’ve never heard of. As an American-based entity I will also focus our editorial lens on watch brands based here in the USA on a regular basis.

Departments will be developed that will focus on collector’s issues and pre-owned watches, watch associations, auction coverage, opinion pieces and real-world test-drives that bring to life an experiential review of various wristwatches based on real life usage. Industry experts and professional writers from outside the world of watches will come together within the pages of WristWatch Magazine to bring their own experience and style to life in feature content offered in an easy to read and entertaining fashion.

As an additional part of our editorial mission I thought it was critical to honor the true artisan and creators within wristwatches so each issue of WristWatch Magazine will also feature one of the few true living Masters of craft in the world of watch making.

It’s also worth noting that within our industry a paradigm shift is under way. The major supplier of mechanical watch movements is reducing availability to companies outside its own group, leaving a host of other watch brands searching for options. Those few brands strong enough are now looking inward to develop their own mechanisms and movements and each issue of WristWatch Magazine will focus on one or more of the growing cadre of brands taking the leap into the arena of “Manufacture.”

Printed on prime paper stock to the highest publishing benchmarks, WristWatch Magazine will place fine timepieces within a framework worthy of the art and engineering they represent and will enhance the category simply by its presence.