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Why it is definitely “AboutTime”

When we look about to the various publications focused on the world of watches there is a clear penchant for covering wrist wear that only a small fraction of the world’s population can afford. In a way, it makes sense. It is difficult to justify placing an affordable watch like a Tissot T-touch (a great watch to own by the way) that retails for under $1,000 in the same issue as watches from the likes of a Greubel Forsey, Richard Mille, or any of a host of other top-end watches costing as much as a beautiful home. I’ve held these incredible timepieces in gloved hands and respect the master craftsmanship they represent, but I also realize that for the typical consumer, they are simply out of reach.

When you consider that the vast majority of wristwatches sold (by unit) have retail prices under $2,400, it seems that the largest segment of the category is, for the most part, ignored. These watches may not realize the huge sums at auction, and may not carry the cachet and bragging rights of an historic name on the dial, but in my humble opinion they represent a class of watches that deserve to be promoted, worn and enjoyed.

Although I envision “AboutTime” as a magazine that will garner a younger readership, I know for certain there are collectors out there in every age group who may, or may not be able to afford, but don’t necessarily wear a Rolex, Breguet, or Patek Philippe every day. What is for some a weekend “beater” to be worn while working in the yard, fishing, camping, hiking, etc., is for others their prime timepiece worn with pride every day.

A magazine like “AboutTime” is long overdue.

What you will see is a wide variety of timepieces, what you won’t see are any watches retailing for more than $2,400. Why $2,400? I chose the limit to tie the content into our own timekeeping tradition - $100 for each hour of a day. For some, $2,400 represents an aspirational investment timepiece, for others, an easy to afford addition to a growing collection.

The byline for “AboutTime” is “function and fashion for the wrist”, and that’s exactly how our content will be divided. Design is inherent in all watches, but some focus on their ostensible function as a design driver: diver’s types, pilot’s watches, multi-function ana-digi creations and more. Flip the magazine over and both the cover and content will reflect a more fashion forward approach to wrist wear. Playing with materials, shapes, and color, these watches will cover a wide spectrum of affordable fashion for the wrist.